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Whether you live in France or in a different country, it is now possible to receive Soul Guidance Therapy in English via video conferencing.

As a former conference interpreter, I am fully bilingual, and I'm glad to offer a unique service: clearing of prenatal, birth and childhood memories in English: a transformational journey to find your own true Nature. 

The following text is an article by Christine Louveau that I have translated myself, and which I hope you will find

helpful in understanding the guidance and support I can bring to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

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"Like the silk worm, you have built a cocoon around yourself.  Now who can save you?   

Burst your own cocoon and come out as the beautiful butterfly, as the free soul" 
Swami Vivekananda



Sophro-analytical clearing of prenatal, birth and childhood memories

20 years ago, Dr Claude Imbert revealed the paramount role pre-birth imprints play in the development of the human psyche.  This discovery marked a giant step towards the understanding of the most intimate psychological patterns of human beings.  Clearing these imprints acts as a springboard and signs a major breakthrough in psychotherapy.


Prenatal Scripts

We are all the bearers of pre-birth wounds (1).  Even in the absence of developed sensitive organs, our consciousness captures, encodes and assesses every piece of information reaching the uterus and our mothers’ immediate surroundings.  In difficult times, when emotions rush at us and overwhelm us (for instance, feeling abandoned, rejected, guilty or inadequate), there is no one to protect us, soothe us, let alone explain what is happening.  Because it fails to understand the situation it is experiencing, the foetus or embryo interprets the painful event in its own (limiting) way, which turns into a belief that becomes set in the stone of its life.  The main and most adversely impacting scripts are:  “I am worthless, I am not worthy of being loved, I have done something wrong and I deserve to be punished”.

At times, the suffering the baby experiences is so deep that he/she has no other solution than to adopt survival strategies, such as:  alienating himself or herself from part of his/her own feelings, or thoughts, deciding to manage on his/her own…  He/she also adopts strategies aimed at attempting to be loved or recognized, for instance:  laying low, meeting the needs of those he/she wishes to be recognized by (whilst negating his/her own needs), becoming perfect, hurrying up, being strong, working (too) hard to be recognized…  All these are masks piling up on top of the initial buried core pain, ending up shaping our personality:  sow an act and you reap a habit. Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny!

Like Russian nesting dolls, the three main limiting beliefs - the sense of worthlessness, the lack of self-love and guilt - as well as survival scenarios, will recurrently reassert themselves throughout life, and will amplify, until they impact all areas of life (emotional, social, professional spheres…).

These strategies, which were useful at one point in life, ultimately become burdens, which can literally lead us to spiral down into self-destruction and depression.


The main intra-uterine life imprints

The twin syndrome script is the most frequent imprint.  Two (heterozygous) fertilized ova, or one (homozygous) ovum, give rise to two embryos, one of which dies spontaneously, generally before the 3rd week of pregnancy.  Even if, at this point in time, she loses a bit of blood, this often goes unnoticed by the mother, who may not be aware of the drama the womb-twin survivor has experienced.  Dr Claude Imbert, after having investigated (this) with scientists and midwives, indicates that the lost twin syndrome impacts at least 20% of physiological pregnancies.  In her book, fully devoted to this subject (2), she has documented, amongst others, the psychological effects of such a script (depression, sense of being incomplete, sabotage leading to failure, believing that love is suffering…) as well as the related symptoms (bulimia, anorexia, migraines, colitis….).  She has also documented the daily life habits that reveal this imprint:  buying two of everything, fear of odd socks coming out of the washing machine…

Other imprints profoundly impact the human psyche and condition the future life of the human being.  Amongst these imprints is the feeling of being unwanted, which is a very frequent memory that needs to be cleared.  Whether it stems from the mother's temporarily feeling blue, or whether the feeling lasts longer, it induces, for the embryo, a host of feelings, of not being worthy of being loved, of being guilty of having imposed itself.  If its parents consciously or unconsciously desire a child of a different gender, it will seek to conform to their expectations so as to be loved.  Replacing a dead child or being conceived after an abortion leads it to feel guilty for being alive when the other is not, and to decide to live the other's life. A failed attempt to abort, or the mother simply thinking about abortion, will lead the baby to generate a mosaic of beliefs and limiting decisions, as illustrated in the following example of primal script:

My mother is pregnant with me and wants to abort.  I’m scared. I don’t want to die. I believe she is dangerous.  Since she is, I shall be suspicious of everyone. She has actually done nothing, or she has failed to do it.  I am alive.  And she didn’t know me!  She wanted to kill an abstract baby, not me.   The fact is that today I am an Adult and we get on quite well.  She is not trying to kill me, but part of me ignores that everything is all right today.  This part of me still acts upon a primal experience.  I am permanently in control and hyper-vigilant.  I’m afraid of dying and I am an insomniac.  I have to manage on my own and cannot count on anyone”.  

We do not see the reality; we only see our interpretation of the reality.


The main birth imprints

Birth is a major event in the life of a human being:  we move from the inside of the womb to the outside world.  The physical circumstances, the energy and emotions that surround birth and all the interpretations that arise in this process will have a determining impact in the baby’s future life and specifically on all dynamics of decision-making and future accomplishments.  In other words, whenever we have a project, we copy and paste the script of this initial event.  On a more daily basis, when we sleep, we adopt the physical positions we used to adopt when we were foetuses in our mother’s wombs.  And each time we wake up, we reenact our birth script in the way we awaken and become conscious and propel our energy into the day when we rise.  Finally, the way a baby has been welcomed will also have an impact on the way he or she will view the outside world and interact with it in the future.  

Depending on the type of childbirth (spontaneous or induced, premature, natural or cesarean, breech birth, fetal distress, forceps…), there are numerous somatic and psycho-emotional consequences.  For instance:  anxieties, panic, phobia related to danger, feeling of imminent death, some forms of claustrophobia (tunnels, tubes, elevators), fear of heights, agoraphobia, photophobia, noise intolerance, fear of darkness, of being strangled (umbilical cord wrapped around the neck), fear of being touched, of medical injections…

Consequences will also have an impact on that person’s future capacity to:  make decisions, make commitments, plunge into life, face times of trial, interact with others (being observed or judged by others), manage passage from the inside to the outside (inactivity – movement).  The way the mother experiences childbirth, from the physical and psychological point of view, will also be of paramount importance (suffering, perineal laceration, scars, disabilities…) as it may trigger an immense sense of guilt for the baby, guiltiness he/she will carry all his/her life as a burden, which will lead the child to feel like he/she has no right to fully enjoy life.


Prenatal and perinatal psychology

A growing number of scientists and medical professionals attest every day to the wealth of the embryo’s and the fetus’ universe, and to the impacts of their interactions with the mother, the father and the outside world on their growth.  The quality of the link established during gestation influences the harmonious or disharmonious development of the baby’s brain and his/her future aptitudes. It also determines the reactions of the neuro-vegetative system:  management of emotions, adaptation to stress, activity of the immune system…

Marianne Dollander and Claude de Tychey (3) have reviewed the risk factors the baby is exposed to in the womb, which can potentially lead to future psychological weakness.  They highlight the burden of transmissions and negative mandates. They have also pointed out the very disabling impact that maternal depression and problematic birth conditions have on the future mother-child interactions.  Jean-Marie Delassus (4), a child psychiatrist and maternity specialist, reviewed the latest discoveries in the field of “prenatal” psychology and psychiatry after 20 years of clinical research pioneering this field.  He created the first maternology unit in 1987. He uses psychotactile contact as his main tool, a specificity of haptonomy, which does not boil down to simply touching but invites the patient to load his/her touch with affection.  Prenatal application of haptonomy is the most widespread:  it aims at learning a language and an adapted body language for these novel exchanges.

Let’s simply remember, to follow the steps of Dr. Thos Verny, that thousands of people bear witness to the reality of these early intra-uterine memories, through their dreams, actions or psychiatric symptoms, or under specific circumstances. And when we question young children, they sometimes naturally express what happened to them in their mother’s womb!  But do we ever think to ask them…?


Scientific data

We know now that the brain does not distinguish between what it sees and what it imagines, between what is real and what is virtual.  Also, it does not seem to differentiate between a gesture that has actually been made, and the same gesture that it has only visualized.  We all have the choice of changing the beliefs and behaviors that imprison our brain.  It is possible to untangle the neuronal networks, which are interconnected in the brain, so as to change our habits and experience freedom.  Neurons’ natural capacity to disconnect and connect is key to this process.  This aptitude is called neuronal plasticity.

As Patrice Van Eersel wrote in his journal “Nouvelle Clef”:  today, high school students experience the “triple plasticity of the nervous system”in a short time span, under the influence of emotions, images, thoughts, various actions, several phenomena can occur1. Your neurons can develop until they augment their size and multiply the number of their synapses (or, on the contrary, they may shrink if you do nothing) – 2. Your networks of neurons can adapt to new tasks, until they replace one sense by another (eyesight by touch, for instance) – 3. Finally, your whole brain can reorganize, for example following an accident.

Therefore, the adaptability of our nervous system belies understanding!  He adds that:  we have hundred billions of neurons and ten thousand billions of synaptic connections, which create a permanent buzz, that we can influence and “cultivate”, until we reshape the background patterns.  Discovering the flexibility and adaptability of all this breathes new life into us and into our therapies.”


Clearing pre-birth memories:  a life-changing awakening

You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from circling your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair – Chinese proverb

We become positive parents for our inner embryos and fetuses, who are stuck with their own painful interpretations.  So we give them knowledge and understanding that they didn’t have in the womb, for instance by looking into the future, and most importantly, finding love behind the veil of appearances.


In a state of conscious relaxation, we can provide our inner embryo with security and allow it to:  access its feelings, accept its gender, think, act, grow up, take its time, succeed, be itself, succeed easily, ask and receive, have a right to be healthy.


Amongst other things, it will discover, under the veil of believing it is unwanted, the impulse of life and love between the sperm cell and the ovum, driven by the higher awareness of both parents.  It will gain a different understanding of the context of pregnancy and discover that its value, its qualities were never challenged, that behind the missed note of a distressed mother lay the fear of not being capable, or up to the challenge of raising a child.  The individual will therefore be led to part with all pain, guilt, feelings of betrayal and all the limits that belong to his mother and father, and to his own chain of ancestors, and he will do so with as much love as when he took them on.  Womb-twin survivors will at long last give themselves permission to live a more fulfilled life, to know where they come in. They will understand that they obviously had no responsibility in the death of their twin.  By getting in contact with the continuity of the other’s consciousness and the link between them, they will feel whole again, will retrieve their own sense of value and the profound reason for having experienced this script.  


Clearing birth memories:  a wonderful life impulse

Trapped in its fear or refusal to be born, the baby installs a new understanding of the events it is experiencing:  it understands and even feels that, even if his mother is lying unconscious, the link between them continues to exist, on another plane.  The baby is led to understand that the noise, aggressions that he/she is being subjected to are only the efforts deployed by medical staff to help it be born under the best possible conditions.  He/she will also understand that the shock or pain he/she is undergoing are not meant to hurt him/her, but to ensure his/her survival, even though his/her needs and sensitivity are often ignored or neglected

The baby will be relieved to understand that, if its mother has suffered, it was not because of him/her but because of her memories of previous deliveries, those of her ancestors, that her body has imprinted and replayed. Actually, if he/she has come into this womb, is it because he/she decided to?  Did the baby actually force his/her parents to make love and create its first cell, or is this the sole responsibility of both its parents?  He/she will discover that, even though he/she has actively participated in the development of its placenta (half of it), it is the baby himself/herself who triggers the hormonal signal that will then start the contractions of the mother’s womb.  Thus, he or she can reconnect with the great force of life that has always been in him/her, since the beginning.

The baby can hear the explanations his mother would have given had she witnessed its distress. He/she can therefore understand everything that is bound to happen, the steps he/she will successfully take to be born into the world.  Indeed, he/she has successfully passed this first great test, which demonstrates the multiple resources he/she has deployed.  In this new scenario, he/she can now accept to be born and imprint this acceptance deep in all his/her cells and in the continuity of his/her life.  


The womb: a springboard of initiation

Many of us have experienced “dramas" in the womb, and consequently have unconsciously set up processes to repair our psyche and evolve (resilience) – these are survival scenarios and strategies to attempt to be loved or recognized.  On the bright side, these have given rise to qualities, competences and resources that our Being needs to evolve.  On the dark side, they will turn against us one day or the other (managing on our own can lead to pride and isolation;  cutting ourselves off  from feelings can lead to depression because of a loss of enthusiasm and taste for life;  becoming perfect can give rise to permanent stress and frustration, leading to exerting a form of tyranny over the people around us;  working (too) hard can lead to exhaustion and harm our health;  going fast can lead to never enjoying our own rhythm or live in the present tense…)

In parallel to this unfortunate dark side, the core of limiting beliefs is still intact.  Beliefs need to be permanently reconfirmed, and so they are, in an ever stronger way, leaving the individual to drown in his or her emotions.

Boris Cyrulnik (5) points that resilience allows us to survive a wound, but does not heal it.  As a neuro-psychiatrist, he says:  “This process is not a success story but is more like a Western:  again and again, at each time in his life, the individual has to break the hold misfortune has on him”.

The true path of healing consists in transforming these limiting beliefs in an atmosphere of safety, and in identifying and accepting the meaning of having lived such an experience.

In other words, each painful limit installed because of what the fetus has experienced in the womb has necessarily generated a wealth of capacity and talent used to bear the fact of surviving and being loved. All of these resources are a treasure that the individual has, but often finds difficult to recognize.  However, these resources are only half expressed, because of the underlying obsolete and false beliefs that are still active in part of the psyche.  Half of the evolution in this life has been achieved, in a way that is very often marked with the bitterness of one’s fate.  The other half can start emerging, during therapy, in the growing consciousness of the destiny one chooses to embody, as highlighted by Saint Exupéry:  “one cannot be both responsible and desperate”.  Therefore, the seeds of maturity stand behind each difficulty, as well as those resources that supplement each other and unite.

By discovering a different side of his/her prenatal scenario, with each step laden with meaning, by transforming limiting decisions and their underlying emotions into a right to Live and experience compassion and self-love, the individual has access to a wider consciousness, where his/her own fulfillment can strive, where joy and an open heart can reach maturity.  He/she finds the key to a customized path that his/her soul had designed to allow him/her to make a significant step up on the ladder of evolution.  As Baudelaire wrote in Palimpseste:  “whatever the inconsistencies of a human life, it does not trouble human unity.  All the echoes of our memory, if they could be simultaneously awakened, would sound either like a delightful or a painful concert, but driven by logic, with no false notes”.

Claude Imbert wonderfully describes the meaning of those schemes (2):

“When you go back to the material world, you tangle yourself up in the net of your prenatal emotions and beliefs.  They echo your past experience, the experience contained in collective unconsciousness, and resonate with the experience of the genealogy you are loyal to.


Your future experience will be a constant repetition, which will limit you, until it becomes more and more intense and recurring, which will finally lead you to challenge yourself and mobilize your ability to change thanks to clearer understanding...

... You will believe that your failure to feel free and happy is due to others, but will discover that only you can create what happens to you.  You will then understand that everything is created by your own thoughts.  Others are only an external mirror of your own internal facets, allowing you to better understand yourself and evolve.

... You will believe that changing, freeing yourself can only happen thanks to others, but will discover that only you have the personal power to change, by raising your own awareness.


... You will believe that you’re not worthy of anything, but will discover that you have a precious and unique role to play with others.

... you will believe that happiness is not for you (out of guilt and self-punishment), but will finally, and powerfully discover that happiness is a divine and natural right for you, and for all.

... You will believe you have no choice, that you are forced, or hindered, but will discover that you have, and have always had, the gift of having your own opinions, and that your consciousness has all the keys.

... You will believe that the link with the Light was severed, you will lose faith and find it again, to powerfully discover that the Good was always there, beyond the material world, and that you hold it within you.

... You will believe you are alone, incomplete, only to discover your own resources, your autonomy, your capacity to build your own identity and to experience your own unity.

... You will deny, reject, despise or neglect your physical body, to discover its divine character, respect and love it as the sacred sphere of your soul’s experience.

Clearing the scenario makes it possible to highlight all these resources, amplify those which have already been used and reveal those which have been forgotten, whether or not it happened on purpose. Finding one’s own self-esteem, knowing that one can be loved, giving back the others’ share of responsibilities and parting with guilt, finding one’s self-confidence again and feeling capable, finding meaning, all these are part of the clearing process, which allows an individual to connect with his/her full power and let it flourish in joy and lightness.

“The outward freedom that we shall attain will only be in exact proportion to the inward freedom to which we may have grown at a given moment”. Gandhi

Clearing pre-birth and birth memories is a remarkable path of healing, a unique springboard towards the awakening of our being, the expression of our full potential, whilst raising our own awareness and reconciling with ourselves and the world.  It is also a way of being reborn, and discovering who we really are, a process which crowns us with the title of “Creator” of our own lives and brings us the energy that goes with it.


(1) L’avenir se joue avant la naissance – “Your future is decided before you are born” Dr Claude Imbert - Editions Visualisations holistiques(2) Un seul être vous manque – et si vous aviez perdu un jumeau ?-You feel like you miss someone… what if you had lost a twin?” Dr Claude Imbert - Editions Visualisations holistiques(3)Fragilité psychologique de l'enfant en devenir et période prénatale “The psychological fragility of the future child during the prenatal period” Marianne Dollander (1) ; Claude de Tychey (1) ;

(1) Research group in psychology, University of Nancy psychology laboratory (E.A.N°2337), Nancy University (4) The genius of the fœtus –Pre-birth life and the origins of Man - Jean-Marie Delassus -Edition Dunod (5) A wonderful distress– Boris Cyrulnik – Edition Odile Jacob paperback - 2002

Article by:

Christine Louveau, PhD in Neurobiology, PhD in Pharmacy, Therapist for sophro-analytical clearing of pre-birth, birth and childhood memories.  Director of Emergence Harmonique Training Centre, Psychopractioner and Instructor.


Until the day we become aware, the patterns of the past never cease to repeat themselves, bringing suffering.  Today, we shall recognize that these experiences were a gift, allowing us to evolve.  So we can accept them, and express our resources, not with pain and self-punishment, but with love and a light heart, whilst understanding that these resources will always be with us.  New values, which were deeply buried, can now reveal themselves and grow stronger.


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